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miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

Why Nobody Want to Help Gaza? Why Nobody Want to Help Gaza? Why Nobody Want to Help Gaza?

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights announced that the Palestinians - not Israel - are to blame for the electricity crisis.

Who stops to turn the Palestinians into the Gaza Strip in the Hong Kong of the Middle East? Is Israel, the Palestinians themselves or the Arab countries?

In recent weeks, Prime Minister of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, has visited several Arab and Islamic countries in an attempt to get financial aid to "rebuild" the Gaza Strip.

Haniyeh returned to Gaza this week, with a suitcase full of promises from Iran, Qatar, Sudan, Bahrain and the UAE, to help the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip.

Some Arab countries pledged to provide cement and building materials, while others pledged to fund several projects where economic and housing.
But Palestinians have come to the empty promises of Arab and Islamic countries.
In the past, the Arab League pledged $ 4 billion in aid to residents of the Gaza Strip. But Palestinians say that, so far, have not seen almost nothing of the Arab and Islamic countries.

Earlier this year, Hamas accused the Palestinian Authority to put their hands on a few million dollars were donated by some Arab and Islamic countries to help Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority has denied the accusation.

Of course it is easy to blame Israel for the current crisis in the Gaza Strip, which is exactly what Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and other Arab and Islamic countries have been doing.
They say that Israel is the only one to blame for everything that goes wrong in the Gaza Strip. If a drug problem in the Gaza Strip must be the Israelis who are behind it.
And when there is no electricity in the Gaza Strip, both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, are often quick to blame Israel for the crisis.

But the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights announced this week that the Palestinians - not Israel - are to blame for the electricity crisis.

The human rights group said Hamas announced that the operation of the Gaza Power Plant was stopped because it ran out of fuel.

Until recently, the fuel used is smuggled from Egypt through underground tunnels. Before that, the fuel was purchased from Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank covered the costs. But because of the dispute between Hamas and Fatah, the Palestinian Authority stopped their contributions.

Palestinian Authority officials have accused Hamas of stealing fuel for their own institutions and vehicles.

So if anyone is to blame for the fact that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been left without electricity, are both Hamas and Fatah.

Also, when there is a shortage of medicines in the Gaza Strip, Hamas often made responsible to the Palestinian Authority for not delivering them to the Gaza Strip.

When Israel left Gaza in 2005, Palestinians were able to turn the coast into the Singapore of the Arab world.

Everyone, including Israel and the Jews living in the U.S. and Canada, were willing to help the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. But the Palestinians chose, instead, the Gaza Strip turn into a center for Islamist groups.

These groups since then have brought nothing but death and destruction to the residents of the Gaza Strip. Today, the Gaza Strip has marched backward. Backed by many Palestinians, the radicals are calling for fire, and no hope for the emergence of moderate forces in the foreseeable future.

That's the main reason that Arabs and Muslims are not prepared to transfer billions of dollars into the Gaza Strip. They know that money there, go to the purchase of missiles and ammunition instead of building new schools and hospitals.

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