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jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Pájaros de Fuego (English)

The only team selected to compete Mallorca on 8 September in Ibiza, is prepared to fulfill his dream

F. M. PALMA A plane is waiting fire alarm signal in the runway. After the siren this plane will rush to collect sea water. Will leave or sink like the Titanic? The team 'Birds of Fire', the only de Mallorca selected to compete in the 'wings Redbull Day' on 8 September in Ibiza, is very clear: "Our idea is to beat the world record away."

The five team members are paragliding and ultralight pilots, a passion that has led them to discover these events by Youtube. "We saw on TV that was done in the near Ibiza and we signed up without hesitation. Canadair think that would be a good choice to carry it out, as it can give entertainment and above all fly," explains Cesar Canudas, 26 old and electrician, plus air lover. His fellow adventurers are Miguel Angel Calderon Guazo, 54 and health visitor; Canudas Javier Osuna, 36, electrician, Professor Josep Bernabeu and the only female of the group, Loreto Guazo Covas, 22 and a student of biochemistry.

To get on topic, Caesar tells us that "there were about 300 sketches, and of these, 35 were selected to attend the event which will be on display for a few hours all the designs and then perform the competition. The team with the artifact nice, and most meters scroll is the winner, "said one of the creators excited of Canadair, a" flying pileup "of five meters long and 8 meters wide and 1.5 high.

Carrying forward the project was not easy and also depended on the enthusiasm and support of friends and businesses that use the to thank here. "The flying machine, which is made of Polystyrene, aluminum and other lightweight materials, still not quite finished, because you have to spend many hours. We will have taken about three months in total, from the beginning to the end of construction "Cesar says he does not want to reveal the show they have prepared.

On Saturday morning, 11 to 15 hours, there will be a "paddock walk", and the public will have the opportunity to walk along the harbor and see the uniqueness of each of the crews. The show did not start until 16 am, when each team will start to "march" on the platform that will (about 6 meters above sea level). There will be a giant screen show a video made by each team and jump back into the sea. 30 seconds later and the computer performs a choreography above the platform with the chosen music. Finally, the pilot gets on the plane, while the rest of the group runs and pushes the platform on which the plane goes. The three most meters flown and those most like the jury will be the winners.

This event is held worldwide. In Spain there has been only twice: in 2000 and in Barcelona in Málaga in 2005. He has also visited places like Sydney, Bogota, Hong Kong or Minnesota, with massive welcomed. In fact one of the prizes is a trip to Rio de Janeiro to attend the same show performed there. Such competitions organized by RedBull have much involvement is expected that this year no less. Additionally, the dates coincide with the closure of the clubs in Ibiza so the turnout is beyond question. On September 7, the 'Fire Birds' depart representing Mallorca and with the certainty of fulfilling the dream of the world's longest flight.