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miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

A report by Nissim Mossek about Palestinians of Jewish origin.

Video: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-279707#

Time Index / Note

1:10 – Many Palestinians are crypto-Jews from the era of Bar Kochba
1:50 – As many as 85% of Palestinians are of Jewish origin
3:55 – The Sawarka Tribe (located deep in the Palestinian Territories), admits Jewish origins, didn’t light fires on Sabbath, had mikvehs (ritual immersion)
5:00 Hebrew University genetic study reveals Jews and Palestinians descended commonly from Babylonian Kurds
6:10, Some Palestinians have the ‘Cohen gene’
7:00 The Sawarka boys are circumcised after the 7th day which is unlike the Moslem tradition.
7:25 The Sawarka brother of a deceased man is obligated to offer himself as a groom to the widow, according to biblical tradition. (Tradition of Yibbum, Deut 25:5)
7:55 As recently as 200 years ago the village of Sachnin had an active synagogue
9:20 The Makhamra clan are open about their Jewish origins. Makhamra means: Wine Makers, Heaven have mercy Upon us (wine is stricly forbidden in Islam).
10:20 90% of the Village of Yata is originally Jewish
10:35 Mezuza and Tefillin hidden in houses of Yata.
11:35 Bar Kochba, according to an Israeli settler was originally named: Ben Kuziba

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